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Lusitanian Ghosts (PT/SE)

Led by Portuguese-Canadian Neil Leyton, with Swedish music director Mikael Lundin aka Micke Ghost, and played by the likes of Abel Beja from Primitive Reason, Omiri, O Gajo and João Pascoal aka Little Ghost. Swede Micke Ghost learned the viola Amarantina in Stockholm where he lives, when Leyton bought him one back in 2015. Speaking of crossing cultures: Lusitanian Ghosts is a project that has a Portuguese artist, Omiri, also playing the Swedish Nyckleharpa and a Swede, Micke Ghost, playing the Amarantina and the marriage of the chordophones with Neil Leyton and Micke Ghost's own brand of rock n roll sounds like this: Leyton's last album, The Betrayal of the Self, was coincidentally recorded in Stockholm and released on Swedish label Feedback Boogie; featuring guest appearances from Nicke Andersson, Dregen, and members of Diamond Dogs. It took over 10 years for Leyton and Ghost to form the Lusitanian Ghosts, and with the vinyl gatefold LP coming this April, it was well worth the way.