Here you can buy tickets to Live at Heart 2021. Please read the information below before purchasing tickets.

COVID19: Statutory restrictions and prohibitions 

The number of people that may participate in a general gathering or public event depends on whether the gathering will take place indoors or outdoors and whether the participants have designated seats.

  • Indoor venues without seating: max 50 participants.

  • Indoor venues with seating: max 300 participants. Groups must be able to maintain a physical distance of at least 1 metre on each side. Each group may contain no more than eight people.

  • Outdoor venues without seating: max 600 participants.

  • Outdoor venues with seating: max 3 000 participants

Due to these restrictions Live at Heart can’t guarantee entrance to our venues at every given time. All our venues are different in size and some will be full sooner than listed above. You might have to queue or find another venue in case the one you like to visit is full upon your arrival. 

We thank you for your understanding and encourage you to follow any current restrictions during the festival.