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Get ready to discover sensation at Live at Heart 2018. With a festival pass, you get access to all gigs, venues and films of the Live at Heart program.


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These tickets are for audience only. Looking for delegate tickets?


June 1 – 26 August

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695 sek

August 27 until the festival

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795 sek

The ticket types

If you think four days of fun is a bit too much for you – the one-day-ticket is perfect for you.

Access to: All Live at Heart-gigs at all venues – on your day of choice

Coming soon.

If you want the full Live at Heart experience, the festival pass is your best buddy.

Access to: All Live at Heart-gigs at all venues for the entire festival week, wednesday to saturday.

A singe venue ticket gets you into your Live at Heart-venue of choice at one occasion. Stay as long as you like, but you better get comfy – once you’re in you can’t come and go as you like (you’d need one of those magic day tickets or festival passes for that).

Access to: One Live at Heart-venue at one occasion

Single venue tickets is purchased at the door at each venue.
Payment method: Swish