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Wednesday 30 august



13.00 -17.00 The Entrepreneurs inner journey

Location: Creative House, Örebro

A hands-on workshop to help you on your entrepreneurial journey!  We will explore the 3 paths of entrepreneurship - craft, funding-driven and bootstrap -  and how they work. 

We will dive into the Bootstrap path and explore the various lines of the Bootstrap Map. Bootstrapping allows the entrepreneur to use available resources to get going. 

We will locate ourselves on the entrepreneur and bootstrap maps and figure out the "right action" to take.

Speaker: Bijoy Goswami

Hosted By: Creative House, Live at heart

19.00 Film: Citizen Jane

Location: Bio Roxy

A documentary about the battle between the constructor and entrepreneur Robert Moses and the activist Jane Jacobs around the 60's rebuildings in New York.

Read more about the movie and watch trailer

Hosted by: Sveriges Arkitekter, Svensk Form, Creative Communities

Thursday 31 augusti


14.00 - 17.00 Investment day (Invitation only)

Location: Creative House, Örebro

Hosted by: Live at Heart, Creative House, Stockholm Music City, Inkubera Örebro, Startcenter, Örebro.


15.00 - 17.00 Creating a creative music city

Location: Scandic Grand

How can the city of Örebro become an international music city and a place with a growing business community in the creative industries? Örebro is increasingly characterized by its creative industries and as a music city they already got some historical ancestors. Also, a discussion about what is being done and can be done to create even better conditions for developing Örebro as a creative place will be held.

An panel of international speakers and people with insight of Örebro will discuss what we know about the creative people and business and what what they mean for the future of a city.

Hosted by: Sveriges arkitekter, Svensk form, Creative Communities and Live at Heart

Speakers: Fredrik Welander (moderator), Bijoy Goswami (founder of the Bootstrap Network, Austin), Viktoria Buskqvist (White Arkitekter), Åke Lundström (Live at Heart), Tomas Dahlberg (Creative Communities), Joakim Granström (Exposé Arkitektur, konst & design), Ashland Viscosi (Creative meets Business, Austin), Christina Öberg (Örebro universitet) och Ki Sandholm (EastWest Sushi).

Hosted by: Sveriges arkitekter, Svensk form, Creative Communities och Live at Heart


17.00 - 18.00 Enfo Meetup

Location: Scandic Grand
This meetup is in swedish only.

Theme: Creative Coding

Come and learn about what creative coding is. 
See examples of how you can create patterns and animations in the web browser with JavaScript programming. 
See how randomness can be tamed into art.

Register at:

Speaker: Johan Karlsson
Hosted by: Enfo


Friday 1 September


13.00 - 16.00 Robot Exhibition

Location: Scandic Grand

What do robots and artificial intelligence have to do with music, creativity, culture? Come and experience the intersection between technology and art. Come and interact with robots and machines in order to better understand humanity.

Speaker: Amy Loutfi, Professor
Hosted by:
Örebro university 

16.30 - 18.00 Meetup Knowit 

Location: Scandic Grand

This meetup is in swedish only.

Knowit: Never before has the matter of cyber safety been as current as it is now. Åse tells us about the historical background, where we are today and what we can expect in the future.

Speaker: Åsa Schwartz

Hosted by: Knowit and SCB



Saturday 2 September


09.00 - 13.00 Kidzhack

Location: Enfo, Vasagatan 10, Örebro

We will build games in the program Construct 3. For kids age 8-12, but kids all ages are welcome! Bring your own laptop. Please install the program Construct 3 beforehand, if possible.

Host: Enfo


15.00 - 16.00 Minds, Experiences, Technologies

Location: Scandic Grand - Elvy

A discussion between Bijoy Goswami and Amy Loutfi

Hosted by: The University of Örebro, Live at Heart
Speaker: Bijoy Goswami. Amy Loutfi




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