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Work in Progress Film

schedule 2019-09-06 16:00:00
location_city Vespertine Teatercaféet
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Moderator: Daniel Lundsten Language: Swedish Description: In this seminar Live at Heart Film gives filmmakers the opportunity to present their upcoming film projects and can range from shorts, features, series and web. We have chosen three projects in different stages of production which we hope will inspire and excite our visitors. Following projects will presented: Fear of Death A soldier deserts from the army but gets arrested and sentenced to death. His only chance of freedom is to convince the judge that he had no choice. His explanation includes both supernatural beings and an extreme fear of death. The soldier gets the whole courtroom afraid. Director John Tornblad, producer Johan Fågelström, actors Jenny Jernberg Ralphsson and Emanuel Blom will be presenting the project. Teaser: Saving a boy Saving a boy is a development of the award-winning short film 2nd class and it goes more deeply when it deals with the relationship between the teacher and the boy. It is about the importance of how we shape our young people and that we should learn to love rather than hate. Director and writer Jimmy Olsson will be presenting the project. The Huntress - Rune of the Dead The Huntress - Rune of the Dead is a viking film, both Drama and Horror, set in the Swedish woods in the early 9th century. The film is a co-production between the USA and Sweden. Released on October 28 on VoD and Blu-ray / DVD. Producer Faravid Svalfors af Ugglas and lead actor Moa Stefansdotter will be presenting the project.