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Winds, butterflies, music and people on the move

schedule 2019-09-07 10:00:00
location_city Tunnbindaren
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Winds, butterflies, music and people are constantly moving across mountains, oceans and passing borders. We can never stop this but we need to understand how and why these movement energies happen and how to work togeather with theese revolutions. To some extent it is possible to affect the climate, which is now seen with devestationg significance. And just as you are affected by music every time you hear or play it, you have to be aware of the responsibility in how we change the earth, the air and the water every second. Peter Bryngelsson was born in Vetlanda 1955 but grew up in Kalmar in the south of Sweden. He has been a member of Ragnarök, Kung Tung and Triangulus. Peter has also composed music for theater and special projects such as Gitarrsis, Katabasis, Sound of Glass and more.