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Niclas Molinder

Niclas Molinder is the CEO of Session (formerly Auddly), the global hub for authoritative pre-registration music metadata sourced from creators. Niclas founded Session in 2014 with Max Martin, Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA and Avicii manager Ash Pournouri Session is rapidly setting the standard for how music creators, their collaborators and their representatives are identified along with accrediting their contributions in compositions and recordings. The magic comes as Session focuses on supporting the creation process whilst seamlessly capturing the necessary industry identifiers, creator roles and other music metadata required downstream by rights holders and to ensure creators get their due credits. For the last 20 years Niclas has been an active songwriter and music producer working with artists such as Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Mary J Blige. It was whilst running his own publishing company, Redfly Music, when the Swedish entrepreneur realised he needed to get creator momentum behind solving the value gap in the music industry and sorting the missing links. Session is the result, it enables musicians to easily supply high quality metadata with full credits and clean registrations without disputes or conflicts and without having to understand complex formats or industry workflows. Niclas also supports Songwriting Camps, an initiative that brings together writers and producers from around the world providing a neutral platform to embrace creativity, education and instigating relationships across the songwriting world. In 2016, together with Max Martin and Björn Ulvaeus, Niclas launched the Music Rights Awareness Foundation an apolitical body working to increase knowledge of music rights worldwide.