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Mathias Melo (SE)

schedule 2019-09-06 22:00:00
location_city Club 700
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A longing for the sun and the love from Jamaicans on the beach is the basis of Mathias Melo debut. "Get Some Sun" is a song that captures the listener already from the top, an accurate and swinging hot pop song which directly sits inside your head. As this is Mathias debut with Warner Music, he is no novice when it comes to music and the way to "Get some Sun" has not always been obvious. At age 19, Mathias was a great football talent and the future seemed mapped out when a “try out” for a contract with a professional club in Portugal offered. Then came the music and turned it upside down on Mathias life: "I went to sportsclass where full focus was on football, that back then meant everything to me. Then we had a project where we could see the music's impact on the sport, and I got a guitar in my hands. A classmate learned a few chords and then opened up a new world. I began to feel that I was destined for something else. There was a life out there. In football, I had constantly been assessed and compared with others, but no one tells me what to do when I play music. " Now, almost ten years later, it´s time for his debut. Which is special regarding to that Mathias for five years already been able to make a living out of his music. Many shows, growing popularity, showcases and studio sessions have contributed to a unique style and voice that creates a cool sound unlike anything else. The song itself has Mathias had in store for over a year, until he met up with producers Per Magnusson and Niklas Carson Mattsson who directly understood Mathias and song: "I wrote Get Some Sun for more than a year ag., I was on my way to a vacation to Jamaica for a few weeks, but that day everything cold, felt dark and depressed. I sat down and wrote a song about longing for the sun and to just be in the moment with the one you love. I brought my guitar with me to Jamaica and I played the song wherever we came; hostels, bars or beaches, it did not matter. And everyone loved it, especially among the local and they might have a slightly different approach to the sun and joy than we Swedes have. " Mathias has over the years been listening to lots of different kinds of music: jazz, reggae, pop, techno, hardcore, soul, funk and all of Tarantinos soundtracks. Everything has somehow affected him and formed the basis for "Get Some Sun". "I have simply picked cherry many cakes" - says Mathias "Get Some Sun" released on 2/8 of Warner Music Sweden.