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Swedish Tiger Sound (SE)

schedule 2019-09-07 21:00:00
location_city Clarion Hotel
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He describes himself as a vegan recovering-vinyl-junkie. The rest of us might know him as one third of legendary popband Teddybears. For many years, Patrik Arve has been constantly and creatively pushing borders and genres, both at home in Stockholm and across the globe. And now he is leveling up his solo thing, Swedish Tiger Sound. Arve describes Dancehall as his obsession and weakness. As a young punk in the 80s he visitied London, where he stumbled across the Notting Hill Carnival, and was blown away by Reggae and Dancehall for the first time. - For me, 90% of good music is all about the attitude. It's more important than your actual "skill". Hence my love for punk, hip-hop and reggae. - I'm constantly making new songs. I have a studio at home, but most of the time I'm just sat in my kitchen with a guitar and my computer, pressing random buttons. I'm no expert, I never plan songs in advance, I just let it run and see what happens. Lot's of songs turned out good but didn't fit with my other bands, so I decided to release them myself as Swedish Tiger Sound. - Swedish Tiger Sound is total freedom. I can vent the issues and passions I have personally, everything from veganism, social injustice or environmental issues. The world is facing multiple crises, and as Swedish Tiger I can highlight this personally. Arve is not completely alone though. Live, he brings along bassplayer Iron Jaguar, guitarist Anubis, SingJay Panther and rappers Toffer Toff and Miss Lynx.