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Det är Kärlek (SE)

schedule 2019-09-06 22:00:00
location_city Clarion Borgen
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Det är kärlek is a Singer songwriter with Guitar, bass drum and lyrics straight from the depths of a human heart served ice-cold with a gigantic portion of humor. Det är kärlek is a show like nothing else and an absolute must see. Det är kärlek has its proud roots in folk, country and blues. Always with a twist and always evolving the concept pushing boundaries of what is allowed forward. At the beginning Det är kärlek wrote songs specially designed for chaotic house parties. Usually singing them standing on a chair in the kitchen trying to capture the attention of the attendants. Things often got out of hand but it worked. 2015 Det är kärlek released the single Vargen och mitt barn on Spotify and it became the starting point of a more or less never ending tour up and down the elongated country of Sweden. Playing everything from people’s homes too bigger stages, festivals and motorcycle clubs. Det är kärlek has with its unique sound and attitude inch by inch created its own path in to the heart and minds of Swedes everywhere.