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Sofia Vivere (SE)

schedule 2019-09-04 19:00:00
location_city Makeriet - Glashuset
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Sofia Vivere is a young Swedish artist making modern pop music with influences of progressive harmony and with a soul vibe. What goes out through your speakers will be well-produced pop with a refreshing honesty on the lyrical side. She's a singer, pianist and composer with a passion for expressing her energetic personality on stage and letting the music explode with positive vibes. Last year she competed in the Swedish music competition Imagine Sweden with her outstanding live-band and won one of the prices in the national finals. The past summer she performed at several festivals including the Pridefestival in her hometown Örebro. After releasing her latest single "Who the hell am I?" later in 2018, she got nominated as "Breakthrough of the year" by GAFFA, the biggest music magazine in Scandinavia. Vivere's goal is clear: To create her own style within pop music by combining modern pop sounds with old school funk and soul. And the one who knows Sofia knows she doesn't give up.