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Rikke Normann (NO)

She calls her music Indie-Soul ,with a solid pop-backbone. Coming from an old school songwriter tradition, Rikke writes her songs on, and practically live by, her piano. Her songwriting is convincing, with strong melodies, personal lyrics, and a genuine vulnerability in her voice, which is rare in music today. Her upcoming album "35", scheduled for Feb 2019, is recorded live including vocals, in Paradiso Studio, Oslo. One take, straight through, including live lead vocals. It’s raw and soulful, with it’s perfect imperfections. Bernhoft is a fan, and also happens to feature on one of the tracks. Stay tuned for Rikke Normann’s much anticipated 3rd album "35". Rikke's musical influences include Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Marvin Gaye, Bon Iver, Adele and Erykah Badu. Rikke has made a living out of singing for almost 10 years now, earning her the reputation as the most sought after, and used, vocalist and backup singer in the country. She is also a much loved musician and songwriter, and has contributed on countless albums, appeared on numerous events and television shows, one of them singing with John Legend at The Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. Rikke has played almost every stage and venue throughout Norway and Europe, toured with artists such as Bernhoft, Madcon, Sivert Høyem, and Omar (UK) among many others and is currently touring Europe with Marcus & Martinus. Rikke has received international attention for her own music all the way down to Brasil, participated in Eurovision, and released self-penned music with the group SiNoRi.She’s a Norwegian DIY artist and songwriter with enormous drive, spending all her time and money on making music, video’s, writing songs and running her own record label “RikkiLeaks". But where she truly comes to life is on stage, performing live, you’ll just have to come see for your self! Her first solo album "Rikki's Guns" was released in sept 2011 received great reviews and a lot of attention in the press. “The album features some of the best Norwegian soul tunes written outside Stargate” wrote the Norwegian critic Bernt Erik Pedersen. First single off the album, “Superstar”, entered the Norwegian, official pop chart “VG-lista” at number #7. "Dig Deep”, Rikke’s second album, was released Jan' 15 to great reviews and radio plays, and again placed her on the map as an excellent songwriter. 5/6 stars in Oppland Arbeiderblad. Press quotes: "the soul based songs are the best... " Audun Vinger, Dagens Næringsliv "Rikke is brilliant.. she went on to pierce our hearts with her self penned mini classics" - Leeds, BBC, gig review. "pure pop-explotions" - Oppland Arbeiderblad