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New for 2018 is that we join forces with Gigmit with means that you have to go to create an artist profile if you don’t already have a profile. Then you can apply on the Gigmit site for Live at Heart (take find gigs /Modify search/Search term/ write Heart, or take city and write Örebro). It’s totally free (you have to start a trial period though, but you can cancel it) to apply and get an account on Gigmit. If you want to know more about Gigmit and how to avoid to pay, check our FAQ page or follow the steps in the video below.

Here is a tutorial how to make a account and application on Gigmit for Live at Heart

Last day to apply is 31 of May.

If accepted, these are the terms of your participation:

– You are offered at least 1 (one) gig during one of the festival’s evenings between 5/9-8/9 2018. The gig will be 40 minutes long. A possible promotion concert is during daytime and is 20 minutes. In addition, there might turn up more opportunities to play.

-The band/artists receive one festival pass per person. The acts crew members (maximum two persons per act) register themselves as a music industry and will also receive a festival pass each. With the help of this pass, you can access all seminars, concerts, film screenings and more.

-The artist should cover their own travel expenses to the festival.

-You are offered subsidized accommodation in a four-star hotel in the city center of Örebro.


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