Artist application 2017

It is important that the song/music you upload for your application is an MP3 and a maximum size of 7MB. Otherwise the file won't match our database systems requirement and can't be used by us for promotion of your gig, in the Live at Heart mobile App, website etc.  

Application will be open until June 30, 2017.

If accepted, these are the terms for your participation:

- You are offered at least 1 (one) gig during one of the festival’s evenings between 30/8-2/9 2017. The gig will be 40 minutes long. A possible promotion concert is during daytime and is 20 minutes. In addition there might turn up more opportunities to play.

-The band/artists receives one festival pass per person. The acts crew members (maximum two persons per act) register themselves as a music industry and will also receive a festival pass each. With the help of this pass you can access all seminars, concerts, film screenings and more.

-The artist should cover their own travel expenses to the festival.

-You are offered subsidized accommodation in a four-star hotel in the city center of Örebro.