Welcome to Live at Heart!
With 200 musical acts, 300 gigs at 20 different venues, Live at Heart is one of the biggest showcase festivals in all of Scandinavia.

For the eighth consecutive year, it’s time for the Live at Heart festival in Örebro and we would like to invite you to one of the biggest Swedish events for music and film industry.

In the daytime you can attend the Live at Heart Conference; lectures, seminars, workshops and networking activities on subjects related to music, film, entrepreneurship, and business. During the evening you can experience the true Live at Heart vibe and enjoy performances all over town at our local venues such as clubs, bars, restaurant, and hotels. We give you music of the highest quality in all genres; Pop, rock, heavy metal, electro, folk, jazz, country, blues and much more.

We are showcasing the stars of tomorrow. The festival offers a unique opportunity for the participating musicians and filmmakers to meet their audience and at the same time connect and build lasting relations with representatives from the international music and film industry.