Think Happy Be Happy – Musikbranschen under pandemin

Original title: Think Happy Be Happy – Musikbranschen under pandemin
Producer: Åke Lundström
Country: Sweden
Year: 2021
Duration: 30 min

In the spring of 2021, Live at Heart interviewed a large number of people from the music industry about life and business during the covid19 pandemic. Hear them share their thoughts on canceled concerts, frustrating pandemic rules, financial problems, but also on new insights, creativity, and how quickly life can change – maybe even for the better?

Featuring: Lisa Miskovsky, Conny Bloom, Hilda Sandgren, Ola Håkansson, Amanda Lind, Marie Dimberg, Sofia Jannok, Putte Svensson, Alfons Karabuda, Mia Ternström, Björn ”Lycklig” Wallgren, Amanda Ginsburg, Emma Nilsdotter, Joppe Pihlgren, Karin Gunnarsson, Jesper Thorsson, Markus Wiking, Peter Lindström, Staffan Ernestam, Tim Larsson.