LaH 2020 – Sofia Karlsson (SE) – Live at Heart Online 1

Fri 19.00 – Sofia Karlsson (SE) – Live at Heart Online 1

Sofia Karlsson is a unique artist, with great integrity and always with the greatest focus on music. She has won four Grammy Awards. She mostly plays acoustic, but moves freely across different genres in her music. She always gathers fantastic musicians around her, and has collaborated with Stuart Duncan, world-famous country fiddler, string icon Roger Tallroth, Tony Garnier and mandolin king Mike Marchall.

A diacert is a combination of dialogue and concert, in which an artist in a downscaled format plays songs and in a conversation talks about life and music. The concept has been developed by Live at Hearts partner Studieförbundet Bilda and has been part of the festival in 2017, 2018 and 2019, where the diacerts have been a much appreciated feature.

Hosted by Magnus Sundell, event producer at Studieförbundet Bilda and journalist.


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juli 28, 2020