LaH 2020 – Royal Unknown Artist (RO) – Live at Heart Online 2

Sat 20.30 – Royal Unknown Artist (RO) – Live at Heart Online 2

The mission to let every fellow musician know that, regardless of gender, skin color, nationality, appearance, personal or political views, past or present experience or lifestyle, every and single one is royal by simply existing. By simply being a unique and talented spirit under the sky, with a personal touch on the work they are doing. Though unknown, every artist can contribute to the beauty of life and its music. By sharing their dreams, their way.

R.U.A. chose music as her means of expression. With a beautiful touch of combining two concepts that seem contradictory: unknown and royal. But that is the real fact of life: each person is royal, an unseen and maybe undiscovered quality that doesn’t need to be proven. Everyone has it. Everyone is the best expression of oneself at the moment. And that’s a blessing. A royal touch to all of the unknowns out there. It’s what R.U.A. discovered on her way and decided to express thru her music.

R.U.A. is accompanied by a three member team formed by very talented musicians .

Influences : Pink, Jess Glyne, Jessie J, Sia, Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry


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augusti 24, 2020