LaH 2020 – omni sight (JP) – Live at Heart Online 2

Fri 19.30 – omni sight (JP) – Live at Heart Online 2

The band itself consisted of Motohiko Sato, a leader of a cinematic instrumental band L.E.D., and Naoki Hirai, a drummer of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, Original Love and various artists.
Their sound has organic/mighty beats by raw bass and drums, also has unique cosmic soundscapes with experimental and respectful attitude for clubbing music.
The long-awaited first full album ‘eternal return’ was released in September 2015, with great guest artists Kei Yamamoto from Nabowa (violin), Marihiko Hara (piano), Polar M (guitar) and Yuichiro Sato (sax).
It also includes a remix track by Kaoru Inoue a.k.a Chari Chari.
This new Japanese crossover sound master piece is launched from Kyoto for every music lover and dance floors.


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augusti 24, 2020