LaH 2020 – Mother Gaia (SE) – Live at Heart Online 2

Sat 22.30 – Mother Gaia (SE) – Live at Heart Online 2

What does the 70s, 80s and 90s have in common? Rather, where can you find all three periods in one sound? The answer is Mother Gaia, the six-piece rock band formed early 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Wailing guitars, rumbling bass and distorted keys mash together into a journey through genres and ages, molded around a voice that tells of far away places and being hung over on day-after-marches. Sprung from the revival of the golden age and forward, but with both feet steadily in this new century, Mother Gaia will surely knock down any audience with their unstoppable energy and playful attitude on stage. This is where you belong.
In June 2017 the band released their debut EP “We are Animals”, a long-awaited and raw natural force fused with enchanting melodies and harmonies as beautiful as Mama Earth herself. “It feels carefully thought-out and, above all, genuine. Mother Gaia brings the sun from the West Coast and warm you up from the inside. Like an embracement of a successful combination. To completely rely on the music becomes an actuality, without resistance you follow where Mother Gaia’s wind takes you.” (, about “We are Animals”)

Mother Gaia are Linnéa Eriksson (vocals), Oskar Hedenskog (guitar), Andreas Karnung (guitar), Marcus Holmström (keys), Josef Loberg (bass) and Niclas Olsson (drums). The band has performed at a range of well-known festivals in Sweden, such as West Pride Festival, Trästockfestivalen, Live at Heart and Sommartorsdagarna. A couple of trips to the UK have included visits at The Enterprise and the legendary Dublin Castle in Camden, London, once a second home to acts including Blur, Coldplay, The Arctic Monkeys, and Amy Winehouse.


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augusti 24, 2020