LaH 2020 – Marina & The Kats (AT) – Live at Heart Online 2

Sat 18.30 – Marina & The Kats (AT) – Live at Heart Online 2

Marina, the classy lead singer is dictating the musical scene with textually critical background. What has been revealed in the two outstanding albums “Small” and “Wild”, is readily continued in “Swingsalabim“. Marina & The Kats easily combine driving beats and with catchy songwriting and a good dose of fun. They already found their identity long ago and in their third album, they are freeing themselves from tonal clichés and prejudices. The “smallest big band in the world” is creating a vintage and retro sound of long bygone days, without limiting themselves too much to the aesthetics of this era. When it comes to music and themes, the band has an eye on current affairs, while skillfully combining different eras.

In that way, Marina & The Kats are convincing more than ever with a new world of sounds and unexpected twists. Besides the classical and catchy swing elements in songs like “Get On With It“ or “1000 Miles Ahead“, the band dares to enter new grounds, without losing their timeless, pumping vintage sound. The bluesy “I Should Have Known Better“ reveals itself as a strong-voiced contemplation of a momentous evening, “No No No” is flirting with tunes from the Balkans, while “Say What” shows that being a woman works without clichés and patriarchal thinking, and “Wherever You May Go“ turns out to be a soft token of love with graceful fragility. The single „Stick To What You Got“ playfully explains the Band-credo with the help of three short parables: Don’t try to be someone you’re not!

Marina is always ruling the roost when honestly telling stories that happened to all of us before. Laughing, screaming, singing and crying is highly welcome! Besides Marina who is singing and playing the snare drum, the Kats are shining on their instruments while creating a distinctive sound which is moving far beyond conventional swing. Marina & The Kats are the good conscience for the often harsh present times. With “Swingsalabim“ they are conjuring up good times, while proving to be the creators of noble and independent sound cascades. The perfect soundtrack for parties with style and verve.


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augusti 24, 2020