Kungen Jazz (SE)

KUNGEN JAZZ aims to make music with lyric melodies that stays with you, harmonics that challenge and chafe, in a raw and punk-esque spirit. Improvised solos meet reverb-drenched drones and deep metal riffs. KUNGEN JAZZ is a quartet from Örebro and Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in the late 2019 by guitarist Tommy Johansson Tapper, drummer Oskar Cederblad, bassist Martin Bohman and keyboard player Gustav Elg Tyskling. The music is narrative and melodic, and challenges a lot of norms in the jazz genre, both form- and expression wise. They push the edges of acoustic and electronic music to create a unique soundscape making every listener ask themselves: Is this jazz? In November 2020 the band releases Don’t Know Yet, a meditative state consisting of two repeating musical mantras, growing and retracting. Don’t Know Yet is a foggy future and a blurry reflection. In late December 2020 KUNGEN JAZZ releases their entire debut album – a five track journey best experienced in one piece.