LaH 2020 – Ignore the Elephant (SE) – Live at Heart Online 1

Wed 22.00 – Ignore the Elephant (SE) – Live at Heart Online 1

Emerging from the Gothenburg underground-scene, pop quintet Ignore the Elephant infuses all kinds of influences, ranging from ’90s grunge to contemporary pop music via ’80s electronic music.
Since the release of their debut single ”Worthless” in 2015, the band has made themselves known for their undying energy, and sweaty live performances. Later that year the band released their first EP, “Sono”.
In may of 2017, they released their second EP, ”Hymns for the Weary”, which was met by great reviews. Gaffa, one of Sweden’s biggest music magazines applauded its production, and the lead song on the EP, ”Someone like you” was very well-received by Depth Magazine, who praised the song for its stand-out chorus.


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August 24, 2020