LaH 2020 – Eliza A. Tkacz (PL) – Live at Heart Online 2

Fri 19.00 – Eliza A. Tkacz (PL) – Live at Heart Online 2

Eliza A. Tkacz lives and creates in Lodz (Poland), she is a singer–songwriter playing the piano, a music and video producer. In addition, she is interested in digital painting and animation, as well as science and technology. Until now, she mainly presented her productions in the Internet, where she took up the challenge of synergic combination of her biggest interests, directing and producing music videos. In 2018 she released three singles: “Believing in silence (Home)”, „Swan” and „Until Death Do Us Part”, which constitute the conceptual triptych, reflecting current social problems. The music compositions she creates are usually conceptual works, inspired by Scandinavian music, paintings from the nature and artistic photography. For some, due to the timbre of her voice and ambient space in music, she is compared to Björk, Tori Amos or Kate Bush.

The newest release is her debut EP album “Flash Frames”. On “Flash Frames” Tour, the band presents melodic, but also very energetic songs. Both, enthusiasts of delicate vocalism and those who prefer more dynamic compositions, will find a musical space for themselves – from emotional verses, through ostinato bridges to rhythmic choruses. The compact song forms and good contact with the audience will keep the listeners well entertained.


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augusti 24, 2020