Dharma is quite likely the first band in the world to combine ancient and traditional Buddhist sutras with the modern style of death metal. The band was founded by drummer Jack Tung (Revilement, Demise, Stench of Lust) from Taiwan. Vocalist Joe Henley (Revilement, Sledge City Slashers, Stench of Lust), from Canada, was later brought on board. Most of the lyrics are sung and screamed in the original Sanskrit, some with a mix of Mandarin Chinese. Throughout the creative process of the band, the basic tenets of Buddhism were adhered to, with the blessing of a local Buddhist master teacher (Master Song, of Taipei), and all members have taken refuge in the Three Jewels. Dharma utilizes blast beats and alternate picking to express the furious and dark side of Buddhist scriptures. The inherit ferocity of death metal augments the will of the scriptures to instill within the listener a sense of spiritual relief and undeniable passion through the release of karma. This brand-new performance style of the Buddhist songs has been undertaken with the goal of spreading the Buddhist culture of Taiwan to the four corners of the world, and to instill in those a sense of peace through the exploration of the sutras in this new form.

Presented by Live at Heart Newfoundland