Amaunet (SE)

Swedish rock quintet Amaunet effortlessly blends melodies and hooks inspired by ‘60s hits with the Britpop swagger & guitar roar of the ‘90s and the alternative rock scene of the ’00s. Iranian-born singer Nari’s vocals are equal parts rough, sweet, and soaring. Amaunet released their self-titled debut album 2020-11-20. Singles from their debut album have been played on Australian & American radio. The second single ‘Supernovas’ made it to international radio aswell as swedish studentradio and P3 Sveriges radio.

Amaunet wrote and recorded their second album during the pandemic. The album will be released in 2021. Their second album was recorded live and the sound differ from their debut album. The sound off the second album is raw, intense, direct and playful. The sound is inspired by alternative rock bands from the 00s like The Strokes & Kings of Leon and 90s britpop bands Oasis & The Stone Roses.