Live at Heart looks forward to September and a time of live music with a release of this year’s first artists for Sweden’s biggest showcase festival.

“We all dream of being able to experience live music again and we hope to open September by filling a number of venues in Örebro with artists and bands who want to showcase themselves to the industry and the audience,” says Magnus Tunmats, festival coordinator.

Among the artists this year, we find the Live at Heart favorites Meadows (who has performed at every Live at Heart festival), DSH5 & Det är Kärlek.

In 2019 Lily Arbor received Live at Hearts songwriting scholarship, performed at Live at Heart Online last year and is now returning to this year’s festival. Ebba Bergkvist & The Flat Tire Band, Lovisa Krantz, Lobo Interestelar, Gustaf’s dagar, Matilda Modigh, Miss Sister, Mpho Ludidi, Norra Promenaden, PUNSCH and Vertigaux also performed on last year’s digital version and will now return to meet the audience on location in Örebro .

Live at Heart is Sweden’s biggest showcase festival which is held every year in Örebro in September, this year on the 1st – 4th  of September. In 2021 the theme is “Imagine the future” and the festival is arranged as a hybrid that is both digital and live from the stage. In addition to music, a film festival and a meeting place are arranged for entrepreneurs and startup companies. The last time Live at Heart was organized as a “regular” festival, in 2019, the festival had 6,700 visitors and 190 different bands played on 23 stages in Örebro. 3000 bands had applied to perform – on Live at Heart, the music industry can experience the stars of the future.

Booked artists

Archi & Pelago
Browsing Collection
Det är kärlek
Ebba Bergkvist & The Flat Tire Band
Gustafs Dagar
I’m Kingfisher
Julia Jonas
Lily Arbor
Lobo Interestelar
Lovisa Krantz
Matilda Modigh
Miss Sister
Mpho Ludidi
Nervous City | Nervous Self
Norra Promenaden
Ras Kerry’s
Simon Alexander
The Kollektive
Tiny Fighter


Magnus Tunmats
Festival Coordinator
+46 (0) 70-4950049

Åke Lundström
+46 (0) 70-6747620