Every year with the Musikörat prize, the Live at Heart festival recognizes individuals or groups who, through their work, have developed, contributed or otherwise raised Swedish or local music culture in a completely unique way. Previous award recipients include Fredrik Strage (2019), the movement #närmusikentystnat (2018), Malena Ernman and Alexander Goldmann (2017), Göran Samuelsson (2016), Hilda Sandgren and Tomas Ledin (2015).

This year, the Musikörat prize is awarded to the artist Meadows, whose real name is Christoffer Wadensten.

Here is The jury’s motivation:

“When music is at its greatest, it creates bonds and closeness between people. Living feelings and relationships arise between the one who sings and the one who listens. It also happens when the music is at its most humble. When it affects us.

The music ear will be awarded in 2020 to an artist who affects us with his entire being. Through words and music. Through warm relations to audiences, partners and fellow musicians. In small rooms, in large rooms, in digital dialogues. He is the only artist to have been on the Live at Heart program in all years. He personifies the values Live at Heart wants to infect people with.

There is a coexistence in culture and music. We do not know anyone who invigorates this more than this year’s laureate. When his sensitive creativity takes place in a room, it makes us all immediately affected and present. There we meet and infect each other.

Live at Heart would not have become what we are today without Christoffer Wadensten, Meadows. ”

– What a fantastic motivation! I am deeply moved and happy to hear that what I do has that kind of an impact, and at the same time I’m very surprised but proud to be awarded the Musikörat prize. I would not have become what I am today without Live at Heart. It’s my favorite festival in the whole world. For several years I have taken breaks from touring to get to Live at Heart, if only for one night. It was there I got to start playing my music for an audience that really listens and I have not taken a single gig for granted. When a concert lifts and becomes something extra, it depends as much on the audience and the room as on the artists, if not more. So I hope we get to be together that way again soon, says Christoffer Wadensten, Meadows.

The Musikörat prize will be awarded during Live at Hearts digital festival opening on 2 September 17.00.

Magnus Tunmats
Festival Coordinator, Live at heart