Live at Heart, which is taking place between 2-5 September in Örebro, will be completely digital due to the current circumstances. The festival will be streamed through two different channels and will feature 70 artists. There will be alternating acts that are livestreamed from Kulturhuset’s big stage and gigs that artists have pre-recorded, as they can not get to Örebro due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The whole festival will be completely free.

The gigs will be held between 17.00 – 00.00 Wednesday to Saturday and contain a wide mix of music genres, just as it usually is every year during Live at Heart. In total, acts from 15 different countries participate. Acts from Japan, Argentina, USA, Canada and Romania will share the program with local favorites such as Meadows, DSH5, Mohlavyr, Freddie Liljegren and Punsch.

– We have focused on being able to make a high quality production for all bands that come to us at Kulturhuset to be livestreamed. It is also really fun to have so many artists from other parts of the world, who to the best of their ability have pre-produced shows for our festival. With this large starting field of bands that fill our program for four days, we are one of Sweden’s largest streaming festivals, says Magnus Tunmats, Festival Coordinator at Live at Heart.

A seminar program will also be arranged, which this year will be available for all to see. Live at Hearts annual film festival also returns with its international short film competition.

See the entire festival schedule here

This year’s artists are:

Agata Karczewska (Polen)
AKA Charlie
ATZUR (Österrike)
Canton (Storbritannien)
Crash The Holiday
Ebba Bergkvist & The Flat Tire Band
Eden James (USA)
Eliza A. Tkacz (Polen)
Enzo & Korday
Fede Cabral (Argentina)
Freddie Liljegren
Gustrafs Dagar
GUTE GUTE (Israel)
Ignore the Elephant
Izak Danielsson Kihlström
Jack Burton (Spanien)
Jeremy McComb (USA)
Joe & The Anchor
Light Screamer
Lily Arbor
Lobo Interestelar
Loney Dear
Lowest Creature
LYS (Frankrike)
Magda Andersson
Malin Andersson
Marie Chain (Tyskland)

Marina & The Kats (Österrike)
Matilda Modigh
Melissa Otero (USA)
Micke Herrström Skelett
Miesha & The Spanks (Kanada)
Miss Sister
Mother Gaia
Mpho Ludidi
Nadine Randle
Norra Promenaden
Omni Sight (Japan)
Paulina Creola
Please Madame (Österrike)
Ras Kerrys
Royal Unknown Artist (Rumänien)
Sofia Vivere
Stray Dogg (Serbien)
Surfing the Orbit
The Kollektive
The Sweet Peach Band
Velvet Starlings (USA)
VIZI (Rumänien)

Magnus Tunmats
Festivalgeneral, Live at heart