Live at heart is proud to offer a large seminar program in 2020. In this year of Corona, all seminars will be released online, free for everyone to experience.
Live at heart is an industry meeting place and usually thousands of participants from the music industry and the film industry, entrepreneurs, musicians and filmmakers gather in Örebro to meet, make new contacts and learn something new. This year we get to gather around digital campfires in the form of conversations, panel discussions and seminars.

– We have a fantastic seminar program this year and instead of worrying that we can not meet in person, we can be happy that in this way we can meet new people who have not attended the festival before – even if it will happen online, says Åke Lundström, CEO of Live at Heart. Next year we will meet again for an even bigger Live at Heart!

This year’s Seminars:
Seminars held in English 

Live music during the pandemic; streaming, alternative revenues and the future
Speakers: Marie Alexander & Henrik Sjöstrand

Living through the Pandemic
Speakers:Malin Kairis, Julia Boman and Hilda Sandgren

Non-Violence Project – Presentation
Speakers: Åke Lundström & Rolf Sköldebrand

American Music Business – After Covid
Speakers: TBA

European music business – beyond Covid and Brexit
Speakers: Anca Lupes, Andy Jones, Mark Bounds, Sara Herrlin

Bootstrap talks – Bijoy meets Lisa Thorén
Speakers: Bijoy Goswami & Lisa Thorén

What music creators need to know to be correctly credited and compensated for their music
Speaker: Niclas Molinder

Seminars held in Swedish

Hur skapas en framgångsrik låt? Ett samtal med låtskrivare
Speakers: Lisa Desmond & Tim Larsson Moderator: Simon Ledstam – Presented by Studieförbundet Bilda

Hur når du ut med din låt? Ett samtal med en radiopluggare
Speaker: Bosse Lundqvist Moderator: Tim Larsson – Presented by Studieförbundet Bilda

Att tänka på som artist: musikjuridik & upphovsrätt
Speaker: Tim Larsson Moderator: Simon Ledstam – Presented by Studieförbundet Bilda

Från ax till limpa – hur bygger man en artist?
Speaker: Helene Wigren Moderator: Tim Larsson  – Presented by Studieförbundet Bilda

Starta företag som musiker? Dos and don’ts
Speaker: Tobias Fällström – Presented by Studieförbundet Bilda

Hemligheter för ett bra arrangörskap
Speakers: Andreas Lindman & Tobias Fällström Moderator: Lilian Bokestig – Presented by Studieförbundet Bilda

Turné – en djungel av utmaningar
Speakers: Isak Snow & Maria Janzon Moderator: Erik Wärlegård – Presented by Studieförbundet Bilda

Four values for sustainable business
Speakers: Sara & Fredrik Bronner

Åke Lundström
CEO, Live at heart