Live at Heart in new collaboration with Non-Violence Project

Live at Heart is proud to present the Non-Violence Project as a new partner. Together we will work to reduce violence in society with the help of events, education and music.

Non-Violence Project derives from music. The idea came after Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd made the tied revolver in memory of his friend John Lennon. When the revolver became one of the most famous works of art in the world, an organization was created that will work for peace. Yoko Ono then became the first to make her own design of the revolver to help the new organization and she was then followed by, among others, Paul McCartney, Mohammed Ali and more recently Jonas Åkerlund and Håkan Hellström. Non-Violence Project’s purpose is to inspire, motivate and engage young people to better understand how to resolve conflicts without violence.

Together, Live at heart and Non-Violence Project will create conditions for meeting more young people in Örebro, Sweden and the world.

We are very happy to start our collaboration with Non-Violence Project. But we must remember that nothing will happen if we do not work together. Together we can make the world a slightly better place, says Åke Lundström, CEO of Live at Heart.

The collaboration will take form during the winter of 2020/21 and start during the festival 2021. Then we will also create our own Live at Heart designed revolver.

Åke Lundström
CEO, Live at heart

Nicke Bäcklund , Non violence foundation