On the last evening of the festival Live at Heart Film held the Award Ceremony that gave out several awards.

This years winners are: Live at Heart Film Pitch Competition: Gustav Littorin for his project HISSDRÖMMAR Live at Heart Rising (Student Award): BAKOM STÄNGDA DÖRRAR – Högskolan Dalarna Örebro Short Film Fest Grand Award: VIKARIE (SUBSTITUTE) by Adam Starsmark, Josefin Rapp, Daniel Sandberg. Filmfoten: CRAZY PICTURES

Best International Short Film: EXCUSE ME IM LOOKING FOR THE PING-PONG ROOM AND MY GIRLFRIEND (Austria). Directed by Berrnard Wrengler. Jurys motivation: It explores the theme of loneliness in a humorous way, has wonderful cinematography and captures beautiful scenery. The main character’s pathetic personality is portrayed so well in the film. This is a great story of present moment experiences while travelling.

Best National Short Documentary: I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MY SOUL. Directed by Anny-My Novotny Jurys motivation: This movie goes straight to the heart and soul. It needs to be experienced by audiences worldwide. In this film, we see pain, love, the heartbreaking consequences of war, the joyful play amongst kids and their true wisdom. We get a glimpse of a special community with a huge heart. Gorgeous cinematography and the score was so playful which was the perfect tone for this film

Best National Short Film: FOLLOW. Directed by Simon Flack Jurys motivation: A human experience we have all found ourselves in at some point of our lives. The push and pull of this film keeps one on the edge of their seat. This is the type of film that remains in our thoughts for days to come. Intimate, vulnerable, real and raw.

Honorary Awards:
SHE-PACK (Norwary). Directed by Fanny Ovesen This honorary award is for the excellent acting in this film. It was natural, interactive and very realistic.

HOW IT FEELS TO BE HUNGOVER (Sweden) Directed by Victor Hertz This script is hysterical. We challenge you not to laugh throughout this film. Fantastic acting by the main character. It was brilliant! We will never drink again.

ACROSS THE ANDES (Sweden) Directed by Henrik Dahlbring We all felt so much from this film. It’s brave, raw and personal. We commend the director for covering a very important issue from his unique perspective with so much clarity and honesty. The courage and strength required to be so vulnerable and honest on camera about their own personal experiences needs to be honoured. Great animation and such beautiful moments captured. Thank you for sharing your experience with the world.