One of Live at Heart’s goals is to give musicians a platform to be seen, heard and to network through so they can spread their music further and take further steps in their careers. Now Live at Heart is collaborating with Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Örebro County and their Pennysound Studio to create better conditions for local artists within Hip-Hop & RnB to have the opportunity to be seen and heard.

“Being able to come out and play is a prerequisite for being able to develop in your music-making, and today we do not have a good venue for new Hip-hop & RnB in Örebro. We had planned for a venue during this year’s Live at Heart where we would focus on Hip-Hop & RnB, but which now under the prevailing circumstances will be a showcase set with 8 acts during this year’s digital festival. It feels great to get all these talented musicians together, says Magnus Tunmats, festival general at Live at Heart.

“We are extremely excited to show Örebro and Sweden that Hip-Hop is part of the city’s rich musical life. This is the first time a pure Hip-Hop / RnB investment is made in Live at Heart and we hope to reach out to everyone at home who has felt that there is a lack of an “urban” venue on Live at Heart. There will be fast rap and singing with a lot of Auto-Tune, lyrics from the street and lyrics from the heart. We are proud and honored to be involved and arrange this, ”says Jon Daly Skoog, business developer SV Örebro County.

The Hip-Hop / RnB set starts at 22.00 on Friday 4 September.

Artists playing on the Hip-Hop / RnB set:

AKA Charlie
AKA Charlie moves forward on a sound wave of soul, RnB and Hiphop.

Enzo is an artist based in Örebro, with a view to the top and aiming for profit.
Korday has mostly made music for fun with friends in his spare time but now works more seriously with music.

Landry Kawalo is from Congo. Since childhood, he and his family have liked to sing and therefore he now wants to invest in music.

Nadine Randle
Nadine Randle – an energetic live artist who has been in the industry for over 20 years as a songwriter and singer.

A new shooting star from Örebro with roots from Tunisia & Sweden, has currently a new hot single called “Maria”.

Renzel who previously went by the artist name Diezel. He participated in the Next Level 2014, Redbull’s own rap competition and was one of the finalists.

Weeyz is an artist from Vivalla. He is 17 years old and started with music 5 years ago.

Emil Wahlström was born and raised in Örebro. Music has always been a big part of his life.

Magnus Tunmats
Festivalgeneral, Live at heart