Live at Heart 2020 goes digital – the first artists ready

There will be no regular Live at Heart festival this year.  Due to the The Covid-19 pandemic the Live at Heart meeting place cannot be carried out as usual. But we will still carry out the festival in a slightly smaller digital format. Between 2-5 September we will present lots of live music, the annual film festival, seminars and lectures.

– Live at heart is an important festival for musicians and audiences. In Örebro, Sweden and the world and we are very happy that we will be implementing the festival in this strange year of 2020 as well. Together we can make it and together we look forward to 2021, says Åke Lundström, CEO of Live at Heart.

All program items will be presented in August, but we can already present the first artists.

In collaboration with Studieförbundet Bilda, we can now present the artists for the appreciated concept of diacerts, which is a combination of dialogue and concert led by Magnus Sundell, journalist and program producer at Studieförbundet Bilda.

This year’s diacerts
Loney Dear

This year’s diacerts at Live at Heart
A diacert is a combination of dialogue and concert, in which an artist in a downscaled format plays songs and in a conversation talks about life and music. The concept has been developed by Live at Hearts partner Studieförbundet Bilda and has been part of the festival in 2017, 2018 and 2019, where the diacerts have been a much appreciated feature. We are therefore pleased to present three diacerts even at Live at Heart 2020.
This years diacerts will be live streamed on different platforms.

Thursday September 3: Moneybrother

In 2002 Anders Wendin released his first EP as Moneybrother and has since made quite a few albums – both under his alias Moneybrother and as Anders Wendin. His debut album ”Blood Panic” (2003) was awarded with a Swedish Grammis for Best Rock Album. With an extensive touring, both on his own and with a full band, Anders has made a name for himself as one of the country’s leading live artists and has in his various musical costumes united punk, soul, rock and singer-songwriter. His latest album ”Det är dom dagarna jag vill sjunga om” was released in 2018. The songs from the album also formed the theme for an acclaimed show, combining music and theatre, in 2019 – which was first played on The Royal Dramatic Theatre and then toured around Sweden.

Friday September 4: Slowgold

Slowgold is Amanda Werne’s musical alias, both when playing solo and with her band. She creates timeless, poetic stories that are expressed with the help of distant guitars as well as dreamy singing. She has released six studio albums; the latest, ”Aska”, was released in early 2020. Slowgold is touring extensively, and has played as support act to artists like Ebbot Lundberg and Lars Winnerbäck. Amanda has also been part of Freddie Wadling’s band. She was rewarded with a Swedish Grammis in the singer-songwriter category for her album ”Mörkare” (2018).

Saturday September 5: Loney Dear

Loney Dear is the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen’s music project, where classic songwriting meets complex and beautiful productions, both intimate and epic. In 2003 he released his homemade debut album ”The year of the River Fontana” and has since released another five albums and toured the world. He has collaborated with a number of different artists, bands and orchestras – and two times participated in the Polar Music Prize ceremony, where he performed songs by Emmylou Harris and Metallica. In the fall of 2020, Loney Dear will release his seventh studio album, which like his previous one is released by Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. Gabriel has called Emil Svanängen “Europe’s answer to Brian Wilson.”

The diacerts are, like the years before, hosted by Magnus Sundell, event producer at Studieförbundet Bilda and journalist.
(The diacerts are held in Swedish.)

About Live at Heart
Live at Heart is a showcase festival and industry conference for music, film and other creative industries that takes place in Örebro in September every year. The festival was started in 2010 and has since become one of Scandinavia’s largest showcase festivals. Last year’s music program contained 200 musical acts on 24 stages in central Örebro. In addition, 40 films and around 40 speakers in various seminars and workshops. A total of 35 nations were represented at the festival.