We are happy to welcome Evan Murray as our International Film and Music Coordinator. 

Evan is a Canadian living part time in Taiwan and has been working as a Showcase Coordinator for the non-for-profit Vision 360’s Live At Heart Newfoundland, and as an  International Marketplace Consultant for Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA), and for Southern India media corporation Wonderwall Media.

 In 2018, Evan began Canada’s first collaboration with Live At Heart. Evan developed and implemented these plans of coordinating 16 artists from across Canada to showcase in Orebro, Sweden. 15 of those artists were funded by the Canadian Government.

Evan has attended conferences and showcase conferences in many countries around the world. 

Evan is deeply passionate about Music Business education, and sharing insight and knowledge with government agencies and private companies around the world, from his own successful independent 20 year career. Evan’s been an international touring musician, booking agent, music journalist, artist manager, and now federally funded music business conference, and showcase festival coordinator.

Subsequently, through Evan’s established global network, he has helped artists from around the world gain successful opportunities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Along the way, always willing to support and help artists and music industry companies in their endeavors.

We are very happy to have Evan on our team and are looking forward to working with him.