The last day of the festival is upon us, and we have some minor changes for the festival.

We are sorry to inform you that Brunettes Shoot Blondes had to cancel their gig at Nikolaikyrkan 22:00. Instead Izak Danielsson Kihlström will perform.

Pariserhjulet had to cancel both of his gigs, Stallbacken 15:00 and Ingeborgs 20:00 but Martin Harrish will perform instead, both at Stallbacken and Ingeborgs.

Daytime/outdoor venues will move indoor if it’s raining

The weather in Örebro today shows that there’s a chance of rain and bad weather. If this happens, the outdoor daytime concerts at Stallbacken will move inside to Makeriet, Glashuset and the ones at Innergården will move inside to Boulebar. These venues are connected and next to each other.

Take care and have a great final day of Live At Heart!