Live at Heart is one of Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festival and industry conference.

Live at Heart

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Is it the goosebumps you get from hearing a freakishly good song? Is it the excitement you feel when getting a new genious idea? Is it the warmth of someone’s arm around you when walking the streets of Örebro? Is it the joy of finding a new business opportunity.

Or is it that feeling of anticipation when they finally turn down the lights in the cinema.

To us, it’s all of those things – and much, much more.

Live at Heart is one of Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festivals and industry conferences. We are showcasing the stars of tomorrow and bringing creative professionals together to inspire, learn and create. During Live at Heart, hundreds of artists, filmmakers, industry delegates and thousands of Live at Heart fans come together in the heart of Örebro. They come from different backgrounds, cultures and industries.

We are part of INES

INNOVATION NETWORK OF EUROPEAN SHOWCASES, or INES, is a European collaborative project launched by eight international showcase festivals and gigmit, a European digital platform for artist bookings.

Live at Heart news

Livestream from Live at heart during the weekend

Livestream from Live at heart during the weekend

Don't have the opportunity to be in Örebro during the festival? Then you should look here. During the weekend (Friday and Saturday) you can watch all concerts from Volymen at Kulturkvarteret on your computer or phone. The broadcast takes place on the Live at Hearts...

Minor changes for Wednesday 31st

Minor changes for Wednesday 31st

The first day of the festival is upon us, and we have some last minute changes to inform you about. Sleepwalker Station performance at Björnes 20:00 is cancelled, instead Synvilla perform an extra performance. Sleepwalker’s Station will instead perform at STÅ...