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Live at Heart is Sweden’s biggest multi-venue showcase festival taking place in Örebro, Sweden in September since the past eleven years. We focus on emerging acts from around the world. We showcase 150 bands from across the world, fill out a variety of spaces and music venues, using 15 stages, and hosting a full schedule of Interactive Industry Sessions, Arts events, Creative Events and Film screenings, throughout the festival.

Live at Heart have several joint ventures with festivals around the world and is also a founding member of INES and gives plenty of opportunities to start an international career.

Live at Heart is a showcase festival, the idea is to give artists a platform to meet the music industry. We don’t pay out fees, travel expenses or accomidation costs.

We do our applications through Gigmit

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If you have trouble using gigmit, you can apply through this form instead:

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The last day to apply is June 13th .