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Folk Alliance goes Scandinavian!

Welcome to the first international Folk Alliance outside America and Australia.

We are proud to present Nordic Folk Alliance at Waterfront Hotel in Gothenburg April 10 -12 2019.

A meeting place for musicians, music business and lovers of Folk Music and Global Roots.


Nordic Folk Alliance is a showcase Conference and a meeting place for musicians and music business in the genre of Folk and Global Roots. We have a focus on the music from the Nordic countries but are welcoming people and musicians from all over the world.

The conference will be set inside and around the Waterfront Hotel in Gothenburg. Beautifully situated near the water in the centre of the city.

Nordic Folk Alliance is a part of the international family of Folk Alliance International, the biggest meeting-place in North America for folk music.
We are also representing the Nordic Countries in the main Folk Alliance festival every February.
2019 it will be in Montreal.

Nordic Folk Alliance
There will be two bigger venues for official showcases and five smaller ones for private showcases. During the day there will be speed meetings, mentorship meetings and seminars for musicians and delegates.

During the night there will be showcases where we also will open up for an audience of music-lovers.


Why should you go to Nordic Folk Alliance?

This is a conference for Export-ready musicians and bands. You will have the possibility to showcase but this is also a possibility for you to find the networks that will help you to reach your international audience.

There will be managers, festivals, and people from the music business in the hotel for two days so it will be very easy to network.


Musicians can apply to participate with their music acts at this page

Deadline to apply for music acts is February 28.

You will have a reaction from us at the latest in the middle of March.


From the applicants we will invite 10 music acts, two each from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and two from the rest of the world to participate as a official showcase at the event.

We will also invite 20 music acts for private smaller showcases.

There is an international jury that will listen to all the artists and decide whom to invite.


Groups that can apply are:

Not larger than 4 individuals.

Regarded as Folk or global roots groups by general standards.

Emerging artists, brilliant and original talents, with a following in their country but not fully established internationally.

Groups that are considered “Export ready”, has a clear international strategy and all necessary promotional tools in place.


We will also look at:

Age (younger artists will be prioritised before older).

Diversity in expression.

Diversity in cultural or geographical background.



Everyone that performs an official showcases will be given a free delegate pass, hotel room at the waterfront hotel (double rooms)  and food during their stay.

The acts will be not longer than 45 minutes and will be on the bigger stages with sound and backline.

There will be no chance for sound check. It is only 15 minutes between the gigs.

We will also invite 20 acts to participate as private showcases later in the night.

They will be given free delegate passes.

The acts will be not longer than 45 minutes and will play on the smaller stages with no backline. You have to bring everything you need for your gig. No time for sound check.

Official showcases between 6 PM to 9 PM and private showcases between 9 PM and 1 AM.


As a delegate you will have an unique possibility to see the new nordic folk musicians.

The hotel is a perfect place for networking with people from the international music business.

There will be representatives from Folk Alliance international at the hotel so you will have a chance to know more about the biggest showcase-festivals in North America.

Export music Sweden, Music Norway, Music Finland and Tempi from Denmark is behind the event and will be present.

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There is a maximum of 200 delegates at the conference. We want to keep the festival small and make it easy to network and to talk to others in the international music business.

The delegate pass will give you access to all the daytime activities + the evening and night concerts.

During the days we will arrange speed-meetings.

It will be possible to buy a limited number of audience tickets for the evening and night concerts only. The ticket sales will open in March.

It will be possible to buy a limited numbers of audience tickets for the evening and night concerts only. The ticket sales will open in March.

Nordic Folk Alliance is operated by Live at Heart festival, Sweden

Folk Alliance International’s mission is to serve, strengthen, and engage the global folk music community through preservation, presentation, and promotion.

Nordic Folk Alliance is arranged in collaboration with: