Live at Heart releases 59 new acts

Aug 20, 2018

Today, Live at Heart adds another 59 acts to an already wide selection. The festival continues with international focus and today there are artists from Senegal, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and Canada.
– Some potential snackers today would be Agata Karczewska from Poland, The Wack MCs from Canada who have incredible fun songs and video greeting in social media. Fearless has built his own instruments of handles and forks and plays Hillbilly metal. Fränder is a Swedish band that plays folk music and is already booked all over the world. Omiri from Portugal who plays with live projections we found in Portugal under Westway Lab, and they were absolutely amazing. As we said, we have a wealth of high quality artists, and there will be more. With a hectic festival program, it’s fun to tell you that this year we give many acts a lot of gigs to give the audience a chance to plan to see more new artists without worrying about crashes in the schedule. Says Peter Åstedt, from the booking team at Live at Heart.

“In addition to much international music, we also want to focus on local artists from Örebro. We hope that the music life here will find good networking opportunities with the festival’s foreign artists, ends Peter Åstedt.

Local Örebro acts of today’s release are: Punsch, Thyselius, Mohlavyr, Katarina Josephsson Trio, Pura Vida, Joakim Arenius & Praise Unit, Tommy Tapper Quartet, Meadow Creek, Sisters in Arms.