Live at Heart opens the application for 2019

Nov 16, 2018

After this year’s success festival, Live at Heart has continued to look forward to receiving applications from musicians and artists who want to play during the 10th anniversary next year. The fact that Live at Heart celebrates anniversary will be highlighted in many ways during the upcoming festival and more news on this will be released later.

“From a rather modest start, we have grown to become one of the premier and most popular festivals in Scandinavia. It gives us great responsibility to show that we still have the power to develop and broaden our meeting place for musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and audiences, “says Åke Lundström, CEO of Live at Heart.

Live at Heart aims to book around 200 acts for next year’s festival. Thanks to international cooperation with organizers and music companies around the world, the festival expects that more than half of the booked artists will come from countries other than Sweden in 2019.

The fact that Live at Heart is a place to discover artists and bands that are heading up in the career gave this year’s festival a proof of. A total of 20 acts went from Live at Heart to being booked to Summerfest in the United States, one of the world’s largest festivals, which annually has around a million visitors. There were also several acts that were booked to Live at Hearts sister festival in Canada, Live at Heart Newfoundland, and to Europe’s largest Urbans Festival New Skool Rules. In addition the Taiwanese band Yeemao won the award for “Hip Hop of the Year” just a few weeks after they played on Live at Heart.

On November 25th, the festival will open up for applications to the film section. Read more about the festival and how to apply as a musician or filmmaker at

The ten-year anniversary of Live at Heart is taking place between 4-7 September, 2019, in Örebro.