Live at Heart beats the record in the number of booked international acts

Jul 12, 2018

Live at Heart announces 52 new artist to this years showcase festival and as usual there is alot of international artist among them.

”We are counting on doubling the amount of foreign artists during this summers festival. Right now we’ve passed last years record, 20 artists from different countries, with 23 artist and counting” says Peter Åstedt, booking manager at Live at Heart.

“There is a lot of goodies in todays artist announcements. We are very happy to present Kenichi Tamura from Japan, who plays a kind of urban flamenco. We also presents Lukas Lauermann from Austria, who plays the cello on a master level, together with Ambre McLean who loops the song on stage. All artists we in the team are looking forward to seeing. Another thing that feels awesome is to present the former Idol-contestant Molly Minott (second place in the Swedish version of Idol) who has started to work abroad and releasing singles on her own label. And you don’t want to miss the flamboyant Capitano from Germany” says Peter Åstedt.

Local acts who is booked for this year are Clara Alm, Anna Fogel, Tom Valhjärta and the Echo Detour, Novel FaeJackie, Defekta, Drottningen och Lovisa Krantz.

Ready acts:

  • Clara Alm
  • NOJ
  • Arsadi
  • Julie Neff (Canada)
  • Moonshiners (Portugal)
  • Rozalind Macpahil (Canada)
  • Mpho Ludidi (South Africa / Sweden)
  • The Chickenpeas band
  • Alexandra Spicberga (Latvia)
  • Ambre Mclean (Canada)
  • :Pappercutz (Portugal)
  • Novel Fae
  • Capitano (Germany)
  • Mollie Minott
  • Drew Young Band (USA)
  • Amy Lott (USA)
  • Gabe Kubanda (USA)
  • Tribe Friday
  • Jazzybit (Romania)
  • Crooked Trees
  • Jordskred
  • Lukas Lauermann (Austria)
  • Mikaela Finne (Finland / Sweden)
  • Elin K
  • Lobo Interestelar (Peru)
  • Mister Roland (Portugal)
  • Fede Cabral (Argentina)
  • NazB (Switzerland)
  • Defekta
  • Tom Valhjärta and the Echo Detour
  • Celeigh Cardinal (Canada)
  • Lovisa Krantz
  • Kris Gruen (USA)
  • Annelu (Germany)
  • New Silver Girl (Finland)
  • Caroline Wickberg
  • Kenichi Tamura (Japan)
  • Skidderpup (Canada)
  • Drottningen
  • Rånda
  • Jackie
  • Mikaela Simonsson
  • Ignore The Elephant
  • The Sissy Fits (Canada)
  • Re:Loud
  • Queen C
  • Anna Fogel
  • Martha Paton (England)
  • Gaia Salamandra
  • Canary Islands
  • Dream Lake
  • Fayenne