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Yori (NL)

Singer-songwriter YORI (Yori Swart) won the “Grote Prijs van Nederland” in 2011, together with the “Amsterdamse Popprijs” and the “Sena Performers Pop NL Award”.

Her unique guitar style, that blends blues, folk and pop into a rare finger-picking style, is distinct and can be described as prodigal.
Yori is a true live artist, with many shows on record. This includes clubs as well as festivals, such as Songbird, Oerol, Paaspop and Lowlands. Summer of 2016 saw her playing a small tour in the United States and Canada. Besides that she has also played in England, Morocco, Denmark, and she was one of the headliners of the European Music Festival in Vietnam.

After a fall tour in 2014 with Milow she started working on a new record which was recorded in an old prison in Alkmaar, which was also where she lived for a while. It’s a new mix between pop/folk/blues, which will surely change the way singer-songwriters will be seen in 2017.
Her new album September was released in September 2017 with massive reviews and many playlist on Spotify. In 2018 Yori was invited at SXSW and Yori will return in May for more shows.

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