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PLATINUM AWARD: Heartbreak Hotel (Single – 2013)
GOLD AWARD: BREAK the BORDER (Album – 2013)
GOLD AWARD: To the End (Single 2014)
#1 ALBUM CHART- BREAK the BORDER (Album – 2013)
#1 ALBUM CHART – Together We Stand Alone (2014)
Gold- and platinum records, #1 chart hits in both 2013 and 2014, participant in the Swedish Eurovision twice, nominated for
prestigious music awards, started his own record label, touring for sold out venues, acting in an international award winning
TV Drama series, and voice acting for Disney, signed to The Kennel as a songwriter for other artists.
This is just a selection of what YOHIO has done since his solo debut in 2012 as a 16-year old.
With a family tree consisting of all musicians and actors maybe it is not that strange that the
DNA that created YOHIO turned out a multi faceted diamond.
As for acting, YOHIO made his debut in the new Swedish Drama series ”Jordskott” which is the most popular series at the moment. The series has won both international and national prestigious awards. As for voice acting, his debut was in the Swedish version of the Disney Pixar animated movie ”INSIDE OUT” which is right now showing in cinemas all over the country.
He also played the role as the prince in the musical ”Snow-white: The Musical” which premiere in Stockholm November 2015.
Last single (In Japanese) was released Nov 2017.

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