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Yeemao (TW)

Yeemao, a hip-hop duo from Taipei, Taiwan. The group composed of rappers Leo Wang aka Sofa King and Chunyan aka K.O.K. Yeemao made their debut with the release of the three-track EP cassette “First Generation Projects” in 2016. The cassette sold out immediately as soon as it comes out. Since then the duo has worked together with their producer YINGHUNG aka DJDidilong on their very first album “OwO” which is now released in 2017.

Leo Wang, a rapper and songwriter based in Taipei, Taiwan, began playing in indie rock band “Gigantic Roar” at the age of 18. Later, he started rapping. Musically influenced by Radiohead, The Doors, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Jurassic 5, Maceo Parker, and Jay Chou. Trying to combine a bit of jazz, hip-hop, reggae, and scat singing with Mandarin Chinese in a groovy way.

Chunyan, aka K.O.K.(king of the kids), one of the main members of “LASABOYZ”, a skateboarding crew which seldomly publish zines of underground topic and often hold parties with hip-hop shows and exhibitions. He has caught attention through his song “King of kids” and the performance in a chinese battle called “DISS:RBL”. Has released two albums now.


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