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Snoow (SE)

SNOOW is a pop duo hailing from Stockholm, Sweden that consists of multi-instrumentalists and producers Richard Cirulis and David Erlandsson.

The band was formed in December of 2017 after their previous project Lights Out Crowd announced their hiatus. With a fresh mindset and a new-found drive SNOOW released their debut single “Soda Addiction” on February 1, 2018.

David and Richard have worked, together and seperately, in the music industry since 2011 and take inspiration from acts such as CHVRCHES and The 1975 .

Describing the idea behind the band Richard writes:
“We wanted a project where we could go anywhere we wanted creatively and have no bounderies as far as “our sound” goes. We live in a time where the borders of genre no longer really apply. People rarely say they listen to one genre in particular so we want our music to reflect that. Also, after years of being in a band with a boyband exterior we wanted to try on a bit more candor. That’s why we named the band SNOOW – as a nod to us being from Scandinavia.”

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