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Religion Loud (Re:Loud) (SE)

Re:Loud was founded in October 2017. This is a classic rock band influenced by the energy and attitude of the 70-ties but colored by a modern sound from contemporary rock. Fronting the band are two young and talented girls, Mimi Rom and Lulu, both fantastic singers as well as composers. The core of the band is a lead guitar player, a drummer and a producer who also plays bass and guest guitar.

When performing live, the band will have additional musicians after demand. Unplugged, Re:Loud can perform in a smaller constellation.

The band will produce songs for albums and videos.

Today, in May 2018, there are 14 songs and 4 more songs in production.

Re:Loud has good resources in Mungo Studio and Polar Studios with Lennart Östlund.


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