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Patrik Nordqvist (SE)

Well-crafted lyrics and evocative storytelling! Catchy melodies and grandiose arrangements! In other words, last fall’s debut album “Ett kliv”.

Patrik Nordqvist’s musical style originates in the storytelling of Swedish folk tunes, and the melodies of Lennon/McCartney. His songs end up straddling the fence between pop/rock and folk tunes.

For Live at Heart, Patrik will be performing on his own with only his guitar. Those who value lyrics, storytelling and the written word when listening to music are the intended audience. The show will be equal parts relatable, tragic, and comical.

Patrik is a stage veteran, having played “under the radar” for many years. Now, he wants to become a household name in the Swedish singer/songwriter scene. More people must get the opportunity to discover Patrik Nordqvist.

Patrik’s own words:

I have been a songwriter for as long as I can remember. When I started listening to lyrical Swedish music in my late teens, I started taking my writing seriously. Stefan Sundström, Lasse Winnerbäck, Taube and Corlenis were my main inspirations.

I recorded an album of my own songs in my bedroom in 2002, titling it “I brist på ljusa dagar”. I manufactured it by burning by own CDR discs and making covers from printer paper. It was released locally in my hometown of Grästorp, and contains 14 songs, out of which “Duellen” and “Reflektion” remain in my set lists.

As a student in Linköping, I continued writing and listening to Swedish artists like Ola Magnell, Tomas Andersson Wij, Peter LeMarc, etc. I briefly formed a band with some friends, recording one album of 7 songs – out of those, I still play “Det blå huset på Puckvägen 5”, “Blott ett tidsfördriv” and “Amor skjuter vilt”.

My writing has been inconsistent over the last few years, but ten of the songs I wrote since moving away from Linköping are now on the album “Ett kliv”, released October 21st 2017. My goal for 2018 is to perform more live shows, and reach out to a wider audience.

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