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Oscar Soul Experience (SE)

The work behind OSCAR started in January 2017 when Oscar Ögren recruited four talented young musicians that live for live music. Since then Oscar Soul Experience (the name of the live show) has done it the old school way. They’ve played several shows around Sweden and sold out shows in Sthlm. During the summer of 2017 OSCAR and his band went on a China tour for 3 weeks where they played a total of 35 shows.

Now the time has come for Oscar and his band to show the world what they have been up to by releasing original music. During the spring of 2018 the band recorded 4 songs in Durango studios with Andreas Dahlbäck and Swedish soul legend Eric Gadd. The first track is called @Remedy.

The goal is to bring back the soul. OSCAR wants to be an ambassador for the Swedish soul community. OSCAR wants everyone to be a part of the experience and he will do it by traveling around the world and performing for everyone, even if it takes a lifetime to do it!

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