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Nisse P (SE)

Niklas Törnblom is a 29-year-old artist and musician from Örebro. Using the stage name Nisse P, he released his first single “Sundbyberg” last week. The song is already gaining traction on radio, and Niklas has been compared to acts like Lars Winnerbäck.

Niklas found music early in life, as his father played in various bands as both a drummer, a guitarist and a vocalist. Niklas’s father died in a traffic accident when Niklas was 12 years old, strengthening his bond with music as it is his way to find common ground with his dead father.

Niklas has previously studied to be a secondary school history teacher at Karlstad University, has many years of experience in health care, and intends to enroll in Örebro University’s nurse program in the fall of 2018.

Drums were his passion as a teenager. Today, he plays drums for the band Les Gordons in addition to his solo act as Nisse P.

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